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Thai massage ( Thai : การนวดแผนไทย , Thai massage) is a traditional Thai massage related to Thai stretching and deep massage. This type of physical exercise is usually performed on the floor, and clients wear comfortable clothing. Thai massage does not use oil and is known in Thailand as 'nuat pan boran' ( Thai : นวดแผนโบราณ ), literally ancient massage.

In Thailand, Thai massage is part of traditional Thai medicine and is now widely regarded as a medical practice sanctioned by the government and used in various areas of transportation. On the other hand, Thai massage is also taught and practiced by many non-medical masseuses in spas and the tourism industry. Numerous massage practitioners and educators have sprung up since 1990 in North America and Europe . In Europe and the United States, Thai massage continues to increase in massage clinics and therapists.

The founder of Thai massage and medicine is known as 'Sivago Komarpaj' (Jivaka Komarabhaka), a Buddhist monk 2500 years ago. In fact, Thai massage is much more complicated than this monk suggests. Like more traditional Thai medicine, Thai massage combines Indian , Chinese and Southeast Asian cultural and medical traditions. The practices practiced today are a synthesis of the traditions of healing practices practiced throughout the Kingdom of Thailand in the 19th century. Even today, there are many regional variations, and it is difficult to find a single system or theoretical framework universally accepted by healers.

Theory and practice
In general, modern Thai massage therapists perform massage according to the theory of meridians (lom) and qi (氣), in which the air people breathe in is a vessel that circulates through the lungs and along 72,000 blood vessels. Massage therapists often perform the procedure by pressing on a specific area along the elaborate blood vessels. In most models, the lines start at the navel (danjeon), spread throughout the body, and end at orifices (eyes, nose, ears, mouth, etc.). Some of the important procedures of Thai massage include stretching, like yoga, which stimulates the blood vessels and circulates qi throughout the body through the act of breathing, which involves breathing.

Meridian and Qi theory has superficial similarities with Chinese meridian theory. 강남vvip The Thai meridian system has a big read more difference in that it is not related to internal body organs.

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